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STRADOF stands for STructured Methodology for RApid Development OF Differentiators.

Marketers can use STRADOF to create or identify differentiators beyond features.

STRADOF looks beyond features, examines the attributes of the Total Ownership Experience and goes on to provide a structured methodology to develop a set of credible and ready-to-use differentiators for a wide range of "high-tech" products.

STRADOF focuses on the market, unlike most approaches that tend to look inwards into the company. It can be used in “high tech” product categories like computers and software that are intended for use by a business.


The steps involved in creating differentiators using STRADOF are:

  1. Identify relevant Total Ownership Experience

  2. Identify relevant Attributes

  3. Answer 4Qs for each Attribute

  4. Arrive at set of 'n' Differentiators

  5. Packaging Differentiators

More details of the STRADOF methodology would be published here progressively. Please visit periodically for updates. For any immediate questions and comments, please e-mail or click here.


Click here to download an overview of STRADOF (PDF-220KB).




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